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if somebody fall in love?

if somebody fall in love,but they cant toghter,what should they do??will go on or leave each other??

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    they have go on. coz life is gifted only once.. and love is also gifted once in a life time.. then why should we leave that person...? we have to go on up to it's last point. we can live life from heart at the last movement of the life.. it will stay in our heart for the entire life.. if we laeve then at some time in our life we defnately feel that we miss some one.. why should we feel. we have to live life eachh movement.. so, according to me we should go on....
    if i say any thing wrong please excuse me...

    this is really difficult to answer and i was puzzled as you with the same question one year ago.
    in fact, i am agreen that do our best to be together, and we continued, but at last,we said "goodbye" to each other.
    now, if you really like him, just give him a chance, and if he aslo likes you deeply in his heart, you will be happy lovers.that's the best result we want to see.
    even that one day you give up, you will not repent ,because you valued your emotion and you have the good memory between yourselves.

    so , come on!
    good luck to you!

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