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What do you think about Emo And EmoKids ?

Hi there,
I met a Guy on Skype last year ,who told me about a weird new wave called Emo .and when I checked for it on the net, I found that it just and extension for another styles .

This style is widespread in Europe and North America and it’s called Emonomena =Emo+ Phenomena
(I don't know if it is so famous in the other countries).
What do you think about this new Tendency and EmoKids? Had you a conversation with an EmoKid before? Are they so pessimist about life in reality? Is it a problem or only a style?
Thanks to leave your answer and sharing your experience,

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    I don't think they are bad people, but they should also look up and try to enjoy life the most they can, life makes even less sense if you are just depressed

    Of course it's not a problem. Emo is just another name for young hipster kids. Technically the music is supposed to be a little bit more sad, but I think it still all amounts to about the same thing. Listen to indie music, wear converses, extensively use MySpace, etc.

    I have taught a lot of emo kids and they were difficult to motivate. Emos start to form subcultures in Australian high schools and are often bullied by other students because they dye their hair black, wear black and the girls paint their nails black & wear heavy black eyeliner. Some of the girls I have taught, mutilated/cut their wrists, so teachers here tend to see quite a few emotional problems amongst them. Mainstream students avoid them.

    When I was is high school some acted like its a way of life. Seriously they are a waste of space. I don't such things about anyone easly no matter which latter of life they may lay. They want to find the negative in many things.

    i think that" emo's" are nasty, they look like they don't take care of themselves and it is just displicable

    We should not think abot Emo people so lightly. It is not about if they like me or not, this is about a new kind of persons with very strong personality problems. They represent a combination between Ghotic and Punk movements. They like suffering and pain, they hate the world, other people and themselves until the point of hurting themselves. They have their particular way of dressing, and their particular music too. I wish parents and teachers notice this strange behavior and take actions on this issue. But the most important thing for me is not show discrimination.

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