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Is Spanish in Mexico and Spain the same?

Hi all, I was wondering if the Spanish in Mexico and Spain is the same in terms of the accent and the hole language in general ?. Is there any difference what so ever. Your help is deeply appreciated. thanks
Hola a todos, Me pregunto si el español en Mexico y España es la misma en términos de acento y el agujero lenguaje en general?. ¿Hay alguna diferencia para que lo que nunca. Su ayuda es muy apreciada. gracias
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    so, Spanish from Mexico and from Spain are not the same thing. It's a historic thing, when people introduced Spanish there, it was the XV century. As an example there were a lot of people from the canary islands. Therefore every latin country from America (whose language is Spanish) evolutioned and they have their own accent and their own words. This means that people from Peru have different accent, words and constructions than people from Nicaragua; the same with the rest of the countries: Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, etc.

    In general terms we can always understand people from America, but there are constructions that I don't use or words that I don't understand. So, it's a language under different dialects (more or less): in Spain we have different regions and there are words from some regions that another regions don't use and different accents as well.

    P.D: as estevan said, google translator is not good!
    No, they are not the same in terms of accent.

    Spanish, Mexican and Latinoamerican people can understanting to each other, but every country have is own words and phrases.


    PD: Google translator is bad...

    one difference as i know,in Mexico,they use ustedes instead of vosotros.they don't use vosotros,but people use vosotros in spain

    I can help you by traslating your question:
    Hola a todos,me preguntaba si el español en México y en España es le mismo en cuanto y todo el lenguaje en general. ¿Hay alguna diferencia en lo que sea? Su ayuda será altamente apreciada. Gracias.

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