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which english handwriting is better?

practicing the word is the basic performance of making a right i have been practicing adinekirnberg (a calligraphy) now.i found adinekirnberg is popular used in old European ,people used feather to write.but i find this calligraphy is a little difficult to write beautiful~~
is this calligraphy popular now?which handwriting do you use?
maybe you could give me some suggestions about english handwriting~
thank you~~

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    Book Antiqua

    Italic (意大利斜体字)

    I like Comic Sans

    Buy a good fountain ink pen, your writing will improve immediately.

    It is not so popular to us.

    By the way, use a pen wherein its point is .5 or 0.7 .. For me, it is better... A gel pen too .. Sign-pen is different , ok ? hehe..

    See you

    Hi Denise: First of all congratulations if you can those nice letters, it is a hard work. I agree with Jura and Neal, an ink pen is a must for a good handwriting. In my case, as Secretary, had to learn Shorthand (symbols to take dictation and not used anymore - I think) and also had to practise Palmer Handwritting, so I struggled all the time in having a nice letter and also writing good symbols to be able to read them after. But I think that the most important thing is that your handwritting shows your personality, so just write as you feel more comfortable. Have you ever heard about this? how you write shows how you are, exactly that!!!! Also can show if you are sad, if you are happy, if.......many things of you, and don't worry for that!, ok? never ever! And also thanks for the effort in trying to write like we write in this side of the world; your handwritting in your language must be very nice too. Handwritting is expected to be clear, accurate and nice (that invites to read what you wrote). One more thing: for me it works to write all when learning a new language, I always remember all I write, can it work for you? maybe, who knows? but keep practising!!! Bye bye

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