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What is the best way to go abroad when poor?

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    lol.....good question!!!!
    the best way is to find a friend in that country & be hosted at her/his home & later you'll host that person at your home too =)

    It's not that easy Amyralayla... you'd arrive in that country... and to that in many cases:
    you'd have MONEY at least for:
    the travel (air, train or similar, i can't imagine a chinese that goes on foot, hitchhiking or by ship to italy :)
    all the 10000s formalities (warranties, insurances, security, and so on...)

    I've many friends all over europe that have difficulties even with money to move inside Europe :)

    Maybe the best is TO WORK HARD and safe money! Try to find any company/firm that need persons that want to work in that country... you must pick up the courage first of all to go abroad

    JohnnyJo,there are many companies/firms that cheat people.They promise to ensure a place for work,but when they arrive there,they will be used for another purpose(begging,stealing,slave dealer etc).He has no money and to safe them it will take too much time.The only way to go abroad is illegal.There he will ask for politic asylum and after that he is easier integrated in that country.
    O_O he said to travel to another country..he didnt specify from where to where!!!
    AND he didnt say if he wants to stay in that country to work & stay there a long time.......... in fact, he didnt say almost anything!!!! =_=

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