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what do u think about muslim people? :(((((

When you see somebody you think something at first when u see a mmuslim gay In particular girl wearing a turban...Stand aside when groceries or parking or anywhere;"do u think she can kill u ? :((( or do anything alse can be bad for u??...There are people out the way they think about people of Arab or religion professing do u think that too???

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    i agree with (Nice), Islam is a complete system in life .... muslims don't just pray and go to mosques and that's it for thier religion's practices .... we practice Islam in our everyday life .... for Islam set up rules for wt we can and wt we can't do in life.... and none of these rules leads to wrong behaviours or to someone's harm
    i think people who thinks bad of muslims never really deal with any .. they just depend on the media stereotypes and the way western media portray muslim people for some political reasons
    but people who truly deal with muslims always respet them
    we never tell people they r going to "hell", cause Islam tells us to respect other religions

    no,i don't think all muslim people are Terrorists,I am not afraid and Muslims together,Even though I might be attacked, because in China's Xinjiang have created a terrorist suicide bomb attacks, Beijing has a lot of people from Xinjiang, but I think you respect their religious practices, you will ok,i think their religion is very devout,If not provoke them, now will not have so much conflict and tragedy.

    The Muslim students I have taught in Australia have been highly motivated to study & pass their exams.
    No, I do not think so. Appearence is not everything. Very good-looking man wearing expensive clothes can be killer as well. It is such opinion because of terrorists and many people do not know really how honest and faithful people are muslims.

    it depends on their relationship with their God....
    happy Ramadan!

    If I see a muslim gay wearing a turban I think they're confused since gay sodomy is a sin, and Sikhs wear turbans.

    I've been to Pakistan & Malaysia so I know average muslims are super nice. I have a harder time with Evangelical Christians at home or brainwashed racist nationalist Chinese in Beijing where I live. The former thinks I'm going to "hell" and the latter thinks they're views are based on balanced info, when Xinhua controls it all.

    Terrorists don't exist. Certain groups have an interest in us mistrusting muslims. We shouldn't let our minds be controlled by them.

    In the US every important person who has called for Fraternity has been shot. Someone wants us divided and conquered.

    When I see someone who looks muslim I don't think they will or can kill me even though they can (everyone can), or when I see a person with a shaved head I don't think they are "skinheads" even though they can be, and when I see a rebel looking black person I don't think they are a robber even though they can be (reference to some prejudice from some people I know) ...

    So everyone I see can be anything from friends to inimies or something else, what matters is to keep an open minded and seek to deal with people for what we can really observe in them and not only for what or who they seem to look like.
    Closing our minds will limit our comprehension and blur our ability to observe and learn who is who.

    (my simple opinion)
    Islam is our faith, our road to the main house !
    ppl have know what is islam befor judge muslims so : Islam is not a new religion, but the same truth that God revealed through all His prophets to every people. For a fifth of the world's population, Islam is both a religion and a complete way of life. Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness, and the majority have nothing to do with the extremely grave events which have come to be associated with their faith.
    the are nice people

    I think it is difficult to generalize. Every person of Muslim faith that I have personally met has been polite and thoughtful. Is everyone like this ... probably not. Are all Christians polite and thoughtful ... no. Buddhists ... no. Any group of people have good and bad elements.

    However, I do think Muslim people may want to re-think their PR strategy in Western countries though. The current "strategy" does not really give an accurate picture, I think.
    I agree with Sizika.
    we can`t judge any pepole by nation, color of skin, religeon.
    but i was so shecked to have strange massages and most were from muslimic country.
    i have one friend who is muslim, he is really good hearted. and i had good expression on muslim people, i can`t judge them only because i had strange messages, it is only the one fact, still it is sure that made them look so bad.
    again, i am only saying i had bad exprerience but still can`t judge of its race and religeon.
    sorry my mistake.
    she is `Suzika` not `Sizika`

    and more, some terros, they are not bombing as religeon, but for freedom of basic human rights.
    i am not agree terros for your info.

    I don’t think hat is throw most of Muslims that I so theme. They were very nice with me.

    Muslims are facing trouble out of the first Christmas due to the tyranny and ignorance of the infidels and the beast, because God blind insights and God supports the Muslims wherever they are. The reason we are witnessing today is my father fresh west of Muslims as terrorists and says owning the Moroccan did not see the camels back, but only watched his brother's back

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