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Korean Superstitions

What are some popular/famous Korean superstitions?

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    1. Fan death. This is when you go to sleep in a room with all the windows and doors closed, but if you leave your fan on - you can die.
    2. Red ink. Traditionally, the names of the dead were written in red ink so to write somoene's name in red is seen to be unlucky.
    3. The number '4' has a similar sound to the chinese character for death so most elevators use an 'F' instead of the number 4.
    4. Red / blue toilet paper. This is more of a supernatural story than a superstition but I love it. When you are in the toilet two hands will appear from behind you; in one hand will be blue toilet paper and in the oother there will be red toilet paper. These are the hands of a ghost - apparently choosing the red one means you die by fire and the blue one means you die by drowning.
    5. Everything you eat is good for "men's health". Everything. ^^

    Don't blow a whistle at night. Or snakes come.

    Don't wash your hair at night. Or ghost appears.

    Don't cut your nail off at night. Or your luck will leave.

    Don't shake your leg. That blows all your luck away.

    Don't press someone else's shoulders.

    Don't jump over other's body.

    Don't put your hands on the back of your head.

    and so on... :-)

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