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why do chinese people want american names?

i have never met a chinese person who doesnt want an american name and whenever i meet people online who are from china they all put an american name. i think that every culture is equally beautiful and whenever i see this i become sad to think that chinese people do not like their name. please correct me if i am wrong and sorry if i hurt anyone. i am just curious.

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    It's about pronunciation Jasmine. First of all, it's odd to use a name with tones in English, so usually the tones get butchered already. Then there's a difference in pinyin and pronunciation of English letters. And last but not least it influences the flow of the sentence. Just like it's annoying to use an western name when you speak Chinese.

    Because Americans or Europeans usually cannot read Chinese names accurately. My English name is Jeffrey.

    If only Americans & Europeans could read Chinese names quite well...I hope more & more people can learn Mandarin Chinese in future.

    just like u said that every culture is equally beautiful,so i don't agree that you said we are do not like our name,just right oppsite,we like it.As i have taken an english name,it's merely for better communication.We have a proverb named to do in Rome as Rome,so i think it's better to have a foreign name when talk to a foreigner,and i also do so.
    Not only chinese but whole world want to have such names and parents named them.

    do you see my name 半个馒头?? This is my chinese name. and i like it very much. do you like chinese name ? i can build one for you : 贾四妹. if you like. build for you only - 贾四妹

    I live in a city which have a boarder with China through river. So, arcossing this river takes 20 minutes. And at this Chineese town (Hei-he) all Chineese people have Russian names: Oleg, Masha, Ira, Anya and ets. It's need for communication. When you hear the name which you know you'll remember this 100%

    It is simple the pronunciation of chinese is damn hard to speak in english and write as well. -_- lol

    Most of people in the world don;t know about Chinese language, but not English.
    It's just convenient to call.
    As Chinese to Chinese, We always use Chinese name~~

    i agree with Roanie, why don't chinese just translate the pronunciation?

    i'm from brazil, my name is Paulo and i don't like when people call me Paul.

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