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How to say " I love you in your own Language''??

E.g. In Arabic we Say : Ana Ohibak (m) / Ana Ohibik (f)أُحبك/ أنا أُحبك
And in German : Ich liebe dich
What about it in your own Language !!
Plz write beside it in Layin Alphabet.
Thank you ^_^

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    latin :te amo
    korean:sarang heyo
    turkish:ben seni seviyorum
    chinese:wo ai ni
    malay:aku cinta padamu

    Я тебя люблю...... ya tebya lyublyu
    ya tebe kohau - in ukrainian, es qez sirum em - in armenian, te amo - in spanish(and probably, in italian too), me shen miyvarxar - in georgian.
    en chino:我爱你

    In Romanian language it's very simple : TE IUBESC!

    in Philippines: "Mahal kita!" or "iniibig kita!" or "sinisinta kita!"

    have a nice day!

    Portuguese: Eu te amo or Amo-te or Amo você (Brazil).


    u have write
    in my language arabic
    ana ohibuka


    in morocco we say ( ana kanebrik)


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