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Recommendation: Best software to translate Chinese characters to English?

I'm looking for a software utility that I can use on a Windows PC to translate Chinese characters into English. I know this can be done via Google and various websites, but I've seen people using such software in the past and this seems more convenient. I'd be interested in hearing about both "free" and "paid" products. I've not looked at such software for several years, so I thought I'd start a new search. Opinions, anyone?

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    ......would be of great detriment to your Mandarin study......

    I know you hope to search for a automatic translation system website. I have been looking for such websites. As I know, google is the powerful website to translate various languages into another one, although it sometimes provide you the wrong translations. I know automatic translation is a complex conception, many companys are foucusing on the search, but it is difficult to match the translation completely.
    by the way, FYI: 有道在线字典(Youdao dictionary online)

    Either "Translation Softwares" or "Electronics Dictionaries" would be of great detriment to your English study.
    Those instruments might lead the learners astray because nothing could ever replace the "Paper Dictionaries".
    It's absolutely not exaggeration. With "TS" or "ED", perhaps the learners will never acquire any knowledge of foreign languages.
    this is a Chinese software

    I would say BRAIN is the best software.

    That's Microsoft Office Word. I guess u must have heard about and used the software. Tool -- Language -- Translate, then just follow the instructions.

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