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how to contact my friends

hello everybody
i hope you're having a good day my friends.
i'm still asking myself, how to communicate with my friends if they don't show their e-mail, how to learn and exchange language,culture....
may someone answer my question

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    hello.. first i wanna told you RAMADAN KARIM answer is why don't you try to call him ... & i think as you said how to communicate with my friends if they don't show their e-mail ,it's no way to contact with him just calling and good luck :)

    MSN, ICQ (or QIP), google or e-mail :)

    If you don't see the mail ask for it your friends. I think it should help. :)

    *Why someone point "-" to Irina's answer?


    Hi! Всем большой привет! Masoft! Start a dialogue for friendship. Take a first step. Tell about yourself. Ask your questions. Good friends always help!
    u could ask them if u could get theit e-mail adress/msn/yahoo ...etc.

    U just ask them to get the email and start with a friendship

    tourist trip the best for culture and language studying:) IMHO

    ICQ!!! :) no variants at all :) only icq :) :) :)

    ask them straight dear... as simple as that...

    There is an internal mail system on italki. If contact information is not given, you can click "Send Message" link in your friend's profile.


    Всем-всем-всем!!! Большой приветик и моя улыбка!!! Ловите!!! :)))
    С голубого ручейка начинается река, ну а дружба начинается с улыбки!!! :)))

    All-all-all! Big greetings and my smile! :)))
    With the blue streams river begins, and friendship begins with a smile :)))

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