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Wo yao kuai le hui lai zhongguo. I will come study in Beijing. I need a tour guide again because Beijing = tai da le.

danshi wo zai zhongguo de shihou wo xiang yao (I want too... )

Eat hairy crab in Guangzhou. Walk through the gardens of Suzhou. Take the journey by train to Urumiqi in Xinjiang. Sleep under the stars in Tibet. Work in Shenzhen. Zai Shanghai tiao wu ne. Feel the spice of Sichuan, la la la cai. Ride the horses in Inner Mongolia. Ice skate and throw snowballs in Harbin. Live the night up in Hong Kong. Have dinner with Tianjin ren. Climb the mountains in Yunnan. Go to the night markets of Beijing until the sun is rising. End my day in Hangzhou.

Ok ok, now who wants to come with me? Cmon... life's too short, you can study and work forever! I need someone to share the experience with me!

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    wow,ur journey must be the best one,and just do it.
    zuo ni xiang zuo de,sheng huo hui geng jing cai.

    why not go to Yiwu--currently the world's largest commodity distribution center,where living a lot of people from all over the world.

    hello,we are the same way person

    I have to say you are so familiar with China. I really want to join your journey,it is amazing.but the one who wants to go with you must have enough times and money~

    ruguo ni dao Beijing, wo keyi gei ni dang daoyou~

    Have a nice trip~

    good idea!I want to do everything . But life's is too short! everybody, just do it if you want to do something .
    It is a wonderful journey.I am looking forword to it.But I must learn English well at first.You are a lover.你是一个享受生活的人

    Hi,i haven t got enough money and time to go with you.But i am live in,feel free to connect me while you are there.i am glad to be your tourguide.
    enjoy your joury.
    zhu ni tiantian kaixin!

    have you been those places mentioned above? that's marvelous!

    Cos I am living in Hangzhou, I can take you in and be your Tourist Guide to walk around Hangzhou with you!

    well,good idea!Time wait for nobody!Have a good trip!If you come to Changsha,I will guide you,^_^!

    You really have a nice plan for your life.
    And i planing to have a trip in "江南" in the coming day~~


    living in Hongkong now. don't need to worry about that, most hk ppl speak English. any question don't be hesitate to contact me. have fun in ur trip and take care!

    It's a long long journey....goodluck~

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