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Why are more people who i met - When i was research on friends - I find they are Chinese ?? what's the secret

tell me please ... but chinese.. due to answer ...

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    cauz there r just in china more than Billion and 2 hundred as i know maybe Quarter peopls of this world !!!!
    chinis good peopls *.^

    in my opinion , when you buy some thing you will find this sentence " made in China " this is the reason :)
    Nice Question

    "made in China "是因为图中国的制造平宜,这点让我们的生活指数不能大幅度提高!!相当于"有劳无功"!!
    很多中国人, 说明中国人是很上进的,利用网络上学习!这精神,让你觉得不高兴了?

    well lord.. i think the reall secret behind this they are so many .. i think more than billion .so who you find here isnt so much . but i dont mind that cause they are so kind and real good people .
    and thanks for making me part of this ..

    Hi,I think you should set the language you want to search,it can help you find friends who speak the language you want to learn!

    Dont you like to make friends with chinese? I am chinese too.what kind of friend do you choose?
    The population of China accounts for one-fifth of the world's population
    predestined relationship~~
    isn't italki a chinese site anyway? so why shouldn't there be a lot of chinese people on a chinese site?
    there haven't any secret
    u can choose other country to search

    Lord, here you got a lot of answers on your question and all of them nearly the same. My wouldn't be the opposite. Statistics says that every 4th is Cheneese. That's why you can see a lot of Cheneese people when you do research. It's very nice people. I know it's exactly 'cause I live in a city next to Chineese town Hei-he and I've been there alot of times. Every time when I come there I discover something new about them and their culture. One day I'll visit other parts of China.

    cus they r lucky!!

    most are students,they are lively and friendly and cute and study hard and have more timeo(∩_∩)o


    my be
    chinese people like help u
    my be
    chinese people are a lot
    my be
    chinese people learn her a different languages
    my be u have a chance with chinese peoples
    good luck and

    It proves they have more internet access than any other nation :P

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