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will you forget me ?

will you forget me ? or will you remember me ?
i am a senior student in high school !
it's necessary to study hard from now on !
and i really wanna go to university in Beijing !
i can't be online too often if i go back to school !
so will you forget me ? or will you remember me ?

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    Best Answer - Chosen by Voting good luck.....i hope your dreams will become true..

    Keep in touch Minseojin & Italki won't forget you or your contributions.

    I agree with Jura. Good Luck in your studies and hope everything will go well for you.

    i will not forget you

    ofcourse not..

    how can you think that i will forget you? i will always remember you. you just study hard. and try to keep in touch.

    haha.. welcome to beijing.

    of course not. i'll remember you forever.

    i won't!!

    goodLuck to your studies!
    dont worry..
    everything will be fine!

    everyone will miss you!!
    tee-cee, friend!:D

    i cant forget you

    No worries, love. I'll remember you :) You're very sweet.

    Ádh mór ort/ Viel Glück / Good Luck!
    I wouldn't forget you. You've helped me so much!
    哥们for life. we will stay in touch too.

    of course I won't forget you my friend.
    ^__^ keep smiling

    of course not ^^

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