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what is your favorite color


tell me your favorite color with your language
i hope see all languages her
my favorite color
is green(akhdar)with arabic

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    my favorite colors are:
    1. Green(Verde)
    2. Red (Rojo)
    3. Orange (Naranja o anaranjado)
    this is in spanish! ^__^

    My Favorite colour is White " Abyadh'' In Arabic , weiß in German , Blanc in French , and Blanco in Spanish ^_^
    i like pastel colours, my favorite ones are '' blue, green, cream ''

    my favorite colour is Blue (नीला in Hindi)

    blau (blue) and grün(green)


    Люблю золотое теплое солнце, белый пушистый снег, лазурно-синее небо,нежно-зелёные листья деревьев...
    I love the warm golden sun, white fluffy snow, azure-blue sky, tender green leaves of trees ...

    الاسود و الازرق و الابيض :)

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