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Are you agree with getting marriage from another Race , yes or no and why?

I wanna know ur opinion about get marry of someone from another race " Another Country , Language , diffrent Costoms and traditions , Another Religion or whatever it was " and tell me why if you agree and why if not??
Waiting for ur opinions
Thank you in advance ^_^

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    Agreed. What difference does it make?

    I've heard of people who barely have a language in common getting married, having a family, raising the kids w/ both languages, etc.
    Love is love, no matter what race*, gender, whatever, Love is Love. Very simple.

    *Race - Why don't we use the word "Ethnicity" instead of "race"? We're all human, it's not liek there's a non-human race on the planet...It never makes sense. The only other race that lived here on Earth were the Neanderthals and it's been suggested that instead of dying out completely, that they mixed with us (homosapiens), to form who and what we are today.
    The End.
    must be muslim
    love doesn't choose race, country or religion.
    So i would agree woth that!

    why not, love doesn't limit anything
    love have no limits

    Of course, it's a natural thing.

    Nature knows no borders. Only men are narrow-minded sometimes.


    As long as a person is of the same goals in life as I'm, I will accept it. I don't care for anything else.

    of course I agree, love is all that matters :)
    why not ?!!
    I can marry a man from another race if he has the qualities which i wish as if he is polite, honest, faithful, candid, consistent, tender, adorable, affectionate, and ambitious. If i loved this person ..sure I will marry him because love has no limits and it can break all the obstacles. But the most important thing is that he sould be Muslim.

    Sometimes say that there are no barriers or obstacles that love alone is sufficient ,but reason and logic compels us to think of access to the best,sense of the word Marriage means a very difficult decision to found a family after the children is not built on love alone or emotions must think deeply when to be parity various aspects
    (Harmony and balance of psychological and intellectual, moral, physical, social and cultural .......) to continue and succeed Love is true that one of his staff but not enough .i can not decide on my own must also be consulted parents .Possible to agree provided that it is an Arab muslim

    Why not? As long as the person is the person in my life.(我生命中的人)

    You don't know what is expecting you in life.
    I will not consider another race/religion as a reason to reject to get married if I see that shee is my second half, my destiny, my dream.
    But I will not fight for her country against my motherland. No way.
    no because i want to be afrist from arace
    Yes, it doesn't really matter whether you have different faiths/ethinicity/opinions whatever. I'm part jewish, part japanese, part chinese, part jamaican, part filipino, and part canadian ( yeah, i'm some sort of mongrel).
    And because each branch of the family follow a different religion, and we were all exposed early on to different things, we're very tolerant of everyone's opinions/traditions etc. Family reunions are more interesting and we get to travel to different places a lot.
    What I'm trying to say is, even if you are two very different people, if you are both committed to your relationship, the marriage will work.

    Well, there you go. The muslims only want to marry other muslims. Which is a good thing though because I don't think anyone else wants to marry a muslim anyway. Simple, problem solved.

    Anyway race/ethnicity is not an issue at all. Religion can be an issue when the other party is not willing to accept a difference. For example, I wouldn't marry a girl who would force me to go to church, mosque or any other religious building. Although perhaps buddhism/taoism isn't even that bad because there's no allah/god involved. Still, I'd say it depends on attitude. My parents had different religions as well but their marriage worked because they weren't really into religion, so they could put aside differences. See, the world without religion is much freer and more tolerant. If only we could all just be humans, instead of asians/caucasians/africans/arabs/believers/non-believers etc.

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