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Does 'Bagism' exist in Polish?

You may recall the famous song by John Lennon and Yoko Ono called Give Peace a Chance.
The suffix "...ism" was used in the lyrics.
In English it is relatively easy to identify a noun representing an abstract belief or doctrine for example 'capitalism', 'marksism', 'creationism', 'feminism' etc...
Does such a useful term exist in Polish?
Pozdrawiam i do zobaczenia.

ps If you're too young to know John and Yoko here's a link to the song:

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    Hi! Yes we have also this term and it's quite similar like in English, for example "kapitalizm", "marksizm", "feminizm", "komizm". As you can see in Polish it's "...izm" :) Pozdrawiam!

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