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Translation to TAGALOG pleasee..

Someone please help me to do some translation here:

1. Where are you going?

2. I am going to take my lunch.

3. What is your favorite food?

4. My favorite food is fried noodle.

5. Do you like reading?

6. What is your favorite books?

7. Do you have pets?

8. Do you like outdoors activity?

That's is some of the phrases that i need to be translate into Tagalog. Maybe native speakers can help me. Salamat po!

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    1. Saan ka pupunta? / Saan ka patutungo?
    2. Manananghalian ako. ("tanghali" - noon ; "manananghalian" - take a lunch). for Breakfast; 'Mag-aalmusal ako. for supper; Mag-hahapunan ako.
    3. Ano ang paborito mo na pagkain? ("mo na" - can be contracted to mo'ng)
    4. Ang paborito ko na pagkain ay __________. (food as mentioned: fried noodle, fish, etc.)
    5. Mahilig ka ba na magbasa? ("basa" - read)
    6. Ano ang paborito mo na aklat/libro? (aklat or libro = book)
    7. May alaga ka ba na hayop? (can also be "may alaga ka ba?")
    8. Mahilig ka ba gumala? / Mahilig ka ba na mamasyal? ("outdoor activity" is a general term. "Gumala" means to stroll. Thus, when you define 'outdoor activity' in our term, it will literally depends on your discretion ).

    Take note: combining or contraction of tagalog terms are common in tagalog:
    ex1: mahilig ka BA NA magbasa? mahilig ka BA'NG magbasa? ('BA' - question particle ; 'NA' - measure of word)
    ex2: ang paborito KO NA pagkain ay isda (fish). ang paborito KO'NG pagkain ay isda. ('KO' - I, me, in possesive form)

    hi Rose! I hope this could help.

    see you!

    1. Saan u punta?
    2. Lunch na me.
    3. Ano like mo na food?
    4. Ang paborito kong food ay PRITONG PANCIT.
    5. Gusto u magbasa?
    6. Ano favorite u na libro?
    7. May BIRDIE ka ba?
    8. Gusto u ba magGAME sa labas????

    NOTE: this is not the right translation because this just a twang words that is use by many teenagers now a days in Philippines...
    I think the translation on top is enough....heheh
    I hope you don't mind.... (^o^)

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