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is it true that chinese are racist?

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    i've been in China now for several times and there was never any kind of racism against me

    Okay. This question seems to be very offensive. But I will tell you.
    Chinese people are NOT racist.
    I don't know where did you get the 'conclusion' says that.
    Any foreigners in China will be warmly welcomed unless you have done something stupid. Even the black people, they will never be offensed.
    If you are not intend to say that, that would be fine. Because you really don't know and I tell you. But next time I think it's better for you to erase your thoughts like that.

    Black people do seem to be viewed quite negatively but then again, that's what I noticed when listening to some Chinese folks. I also know a black guy who's teaching English in China and he seems to be fine. I think it's just a couple of people who are xenophobic, but then again so are some white and black people. It's not so much that Chinese are racists, but that in every country there are racists.

    i am shocked by your question!
    i am Chinese,
    i never heard this "racist"from CHINESE,racist is from west world,not from Chinese character,
    CHINESE people never judge someone by their face or place of born,that's so superficial and arrogant.

    there ia a Chinese saying:人不可貌相,海水不可斗量
    we are modest,respect the different and
    diversity is the natural world.

    i don't think so ! Really Chinese people are very kind , helpful and Open-minded.
    Check everyone's friends list , i bet you can find at least a couple of Chinese people .

    Harre's Answer is the best i guess , Thumb up dude (+1) ;-)
    take a look at the facts
    they r very kind

    The chinese hate the japanese so much. Believe me I talked with so much of them and ever when I said the word "Japan" they getting crazy. So when they see japanese people they are racists.

    that's the history problem but not about racist, ok? we're friendly to nice japanese. but if someone don't addmit what they did in history, don't even feel sry about that, no one will forgive them. we don't judge ppl, whether they r dark or pale, poor or rich. we don't hate ppl with no reasons.

    I don't think so . because China is a big country and also the biggest population in the world , so that has many kind of people . One cannot identify with all .

    The questions about racism are delicate. The debates can be heated.
    There is something I have learnt in life. Sometimes what we call racism is only being unaware of a different attitude, cultural difference or such. Example, many of us thought (think) the whites are racist (inclusively). Those of us who go to europe coma back and speak of unspeakable racism. Then I married a German husband. Lo and behold, a whole new world opened up to me. Most importantly I learnt that what we would have considered great impoliteness and racist behaviour is normal among the germans. Sitting in a bus, by the side of another german when there is an empty seat near, the white one would simply stand up and go to occupy the empty seat. My people thought (think) that is unfriendly, that is because the white one does not want to share a seat with a black one. But I have observed this happening also among them. My husband explains that that is the way it is. In hotels, in restaurants, in all places. And I see it happen. We would do the opposite, sit next to someone to show you are friendly, maybe start chatting. Totally unacceptable to Germans. And many other issues..

    Now, the Chinese seem to keep to themselves. And because they do that, we take it they do not want to mix. And by extrapolation they do not want to mix because they look down on us. And by deduction they are racist. And again, once we deduce that, we are not going to find it easy to extend our hand to them, indeed keeping the distances, but not helping the issues.

    I would be the least to judge these issues. Only thought this might help clear a few (mis)conceptions.

    So then

    Well. Ms.Phil.
    I read your reply carefully and I think I have some disagree with you.
    The first part in your reply is right, people in different countries have different customs.
    But you said that 'We look down you', this is not acceptable. For what I know, Chinese people usually don't have any discrimination on African/Afro-American people. This is different from the western world. I think you should come to china and take a look by yourself if available.
    Chinese people(especially older generations) are reserved, but NOT arrogant.

    And about what Mr.chinafan said, I think he's right at some degrees. But not completely. I suppose that he doesn't know much about the history between China and Japan. But that's fine. I don't blame anyone for that. I think many Japanese people are friendly and professional, who are really examples for me to follow when I am facing problems. It's meaningless to start a fierce debate about the relationship between China and Japan. We're here to study language, not quarrel with each other.

    At last, I only want to say: If you REALLY want to see if Chinese people are racist or not, go to China and take a look by yourself, PLEASE! Misunderstood thoughts often come out by incorrect infos that you have not experienced yourself.

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