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Any dish you know how to do?

Please tell me if you know of any dish that tastes so yummy / delicious. If you do, please write on the recipe. I want to try it.

I prefer the ones fried, steamed or turbo broiled. But it's is still up to you. Any dish will do such as pastry, cooked dishes, bread, brownies, desserts, etc . . .

Thank you. Please also include in what country is it ..

See you ^_^

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    pak-choi toenjang salad 청경채 된장 샐러드

    the ingredients
    -4-5 pak-chois
    -1 table spoon of vinegar
    -1 or 2 tea spoon of toenjang, the Korean soy-bean paste.
    -1 tea spoon of sesame oil
    -1 tea spoon minced garlic
    -some quantity of parched sesame

    -청경채 4~5개
    -식초 1 스푼
    -된장 1~2 티스푼
    -참기름 1 티스푼
    -마늘 간 것 1 티스푼
    -볶은 참깨 약간

    1. cleanse the pak-choi with flowing cool water and put the pak-choi in a wicker basket to get rid of water (to dehydrate?).
    2. tear the pak-choi into bite-size pieces.
    3. mix all ingredients except the pak-choi to make dressing (sauce?).
    4. put the dressing on the pak-choi and then mix them softly using chopsticks

    1. 청경채를 흐르는 물(차가운 물)에 씻어서 소쿠리에 건져 담아 물기를 뺀다
    2. 청경채를 한 입 크기로 찢는다
    3. 청경채를 제외한 모든 재료를 섞어서 드레싱(소스)를 만든다
    4. 청경채에 소스를 넣고 젓가락으로 부드럽게 섞는다

    **A study reaffirmed that the Korean toenjang [soybean paste] and its liquid version, chŏnggugjang, are highly effective in fighting cancer.

    I think this recipe will not helpful to you because you can not get Korean toenjang [soybean paste]. But I think it will helpful to you learning Korean. gggg
    In Koea, there are so many delicious dishes. I have heard many foreigners saying they like some Korean dishes. The Korean dishes which they love are 불고기, 김치 and 비빔밥 generally. If I have much free time, I will write those recipe in english.
    I love vegetables. I love to cook but I have not much time to cook ^^;;; So, I tend to cook easy dishes.

    Chinese food is hard to resist, but I can't cook them.


    oh there are many
    u like traditionel or another?
    u can see more in my blog
    in china ,there are lots of delicious food include some local snacks, such as Beijing Roast Duck,Sliced noodles !different cities have its characteristic snacks! can you eat chinese food at home?

    this site 'll help u to cook the special Vietnamese food . It's also the popular Vietnamese fast food

    Some tastes delicious in colombia is custard, doughnuts and pies, I seach this recipe, and I will send.


    You may want to check this:
    I've already tried and it's worked. There are tons of easy recipes. Next time i'll send you some recipes. Cooking is a fun thing, we have the same interest, i think. So good luck.

    brown seaweed soup (미역국)
    The ingredients
    -dried brown seaweed 10g
    -thin-shelled surf clam meat 70g or 80g
    -1 or 2 tea spoon minced garlic
    -2 table spoon clear, refined rice wine
    -water 1 liter.

    -말린 미역 10g
    -바지락살 70-80g
    -다진 마늘 1-2 티스푼
    -청주 2 스푼
    -물 1리터

    1 cleanse dried brown seaweeds with water, keep them steeped in water and put them in a wicker basket to get rid of water.
    2 Put minced garlic, clear, refined rice wine and soaked brown seaweeds in a pot and then parch them in a pot over the fire for 3 or 5 minutes.
    3 Pour water into a pot and boil them 20 minutes.
    4 Put thin-shelled surf clam meat in the pot and boil them for a moment
    ***If boil thin-shelled surf clam meat too long, the thin-shelled surf clam meat will be tough and will be lost it's tasty.
    5 Salt them

    1 말린 미역을 씻어 물에 불린 다음 소쿠리에 건져 물기를 빼라
    2 냄비에 다진 마늘, 청주, 미역을 넣고 3-5분 정도 볶아라
    3 냄비에 물을 붓고 20분 정도 끓여라
    4 바지락 살을 넣고 약간 더 끓여라.
    ***바지락살은 너무 오래 끓이면 질겨지고 맛이 없어진다.
    5 소금으로 간을 하라.

    This is another easy dish. ggg
    Try this popular campfire recipe (I believe it comes from Slovakia or Czech Republic but I can't grant it):

    You need:
    1. kitchen foil (typically silver paper made of aluminum, but any foil that withstands high temperatures in an oven and can't infect food with chemicals can be used)
    2. potatoes
    3. onion
    4. meat, preferably pork
    5. bacon
    oil, salt and spices of your preference

    Cut potatoes and onion into circles, meat into small pieces and bacon into slices and put it on the oiled foil at each other in following order: potatoes, onion, meat, another layer of potatoes, bacon. Seal the food inside the foil. It should look like a big foil ball with the food inside. Put it into oven for about 30-40 minutes and enjoy! Be cautious when you open the foil, it's very hot.

    You can also experiment, put some vegetables or maybe seafood into the foil.

    i know only cooking macoroni, spaghetty and i am sure you can cook them,too;))

    Pommes Lyonnaise. fr..Boil peeled baking potatoes. While doing this, slice up some onions thinly, heat butter, lots of it, in a pan over low heat. Fry them , stirring, with a little sugar, until brown. Cut up the potatoes, turn to medium and fry these, flipping every so often, until crispy. Add salt. It's delicious!
    Tomato suace...italy...fry garlic cloves over medium low heat in a pan with olice oil, add some sliced plum tomatoes, turn to medium high stirring alot until all the liquid is boiled off, add salt, pepper, a dash of balsamic vinegar, a little more oil...very strong tasting. caramelized onions go great. serve with pasta.

    lentils and rice...well look it up. also goes amazing with caramelized onions (great food in general with savory stuff)
    this is from arab countries

    grilled cheese...america...haet pan to medium, add butter put a slice of american cheese between two slices of bread and fry flipping once until browned.
    beans and rice for latin america, look it up, i don't know any special recipes..

    make pie! pretty great.
    etc...lots of dishes in world :)

    I make teriyaki chicken with white rice, tacos, spagheti, mashed potatoes with chicken,cakes, cupcakes, soup, basically all I know is chicken, pastries, salad, mexican food (some dishes) and red meat

    i knwo how to make lumpia....but im sure you do too....i dont know how to make lumpia shanghai tho....:/

    Chinese food tastes good!But I really don't know if you have the same condiments in our country! But I will try,I can cook some dishes,maybe I can show you how to cook some simply dish,but it's still delicious!haha!

    I don't know how to call this food in English.But it's really cool. I mean it's one of my favourite foods.Before cooking, you need a fish,if it's form sea,it will be great,or not,any fishes will be OK,then you also should get some soy sauce,some monosodium glutamate,and a little chopped green onion,and don't forget seybean oil(any other kinds are also OK)and salt.First,clean the fish,including the organs and fish scales,then stream the fish(you can stream the fish with the electric rice cooker), when the fish is ripe,put it in a dish, spay some chopped green onion on it, and some salt, and about a spoon soy sauce,then heat the oil,when it's boiling hot(just be careful here),then spay the oil on the fish,then, this dish complete.In Chinese, we call it 葱油鱼.

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