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how to type russian alphabet with english keyboard?

or i need to install software?

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    you need to install the keyboard layout for russian. If you are using windows, you may need the CD. You do that on the control panel, on the keyboard icon. Then, you will get this little blue square on the taskbar with the initials of the language on use, for example EN for english keyboard, RU for russian keyboard... you can select which language you need in order to type, and at last, to make it easier, you can get some russian keyboard transparent stickers, which are small stickers that you put on every key on your keyboard. They are transparent, so they allow you to see the original letter, but they have also printed the russian character, so for example, if you get a я when you press Q in your keyboard, just put the sticker for я on the Q key. I hope I didn't explain it so difficult :-)

    Try it -
    Yes, I agree with Kroops. is very nice for you!!!


    try this site:
    Good luck!

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