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中国话有很多口音?What is your accent?

Is it considered racist to imitate a Chinese accent?

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    我明白你的意思.因为我是加拿大人.比如说英国人用中国人的口音.我觉得没关系如果哪个英国人说中文.但是哪个英国人说中国人口音的英文...没礼貌.外国人的文化很PC (POLITICIAL CORRECT).我看了你的问题回答的人.有人不明白你的意思. CHERRY 说 " China is a multiracial country" 他应该说: CHINA HAS MANY MINORITIES.他们都中国人.加拿大是 MULTIRACIAL COUNTRY. 然后 MONICA 说accent in china 他觉得ACCENT 和 DIALECT 一样的意思.

    Actually the accent is not matter with racist

    Yes,many different accents
    China has 56 different races,but we have much more thant 56 accents,maybe more than 100 kinds

    I have many ,haha, of course when I wanna to speak.

    as u known, China is a multiracial country. The north accent is far different from the south one. But take it easy, Mandarin is country-widely uesed.

    there are so many accent in china. the accent can be different even in a same city.
    but in our daily life and work, most of us are speaking mandarin.

    Yes, because there are many places in China, every place is not the same. Although the same for the Chinese, but all over the nation because of different customs, many naturally formed a distinctive language. For example: Shanghai, Cantonese, Taiwanese, and so on.

    I speak wenzhou dialect, which is considered the most difficult dialect in China. I don't think imitating an accent is being racist. people often do that for fun actually. I like imitate Tianjin accent. I used to work there for 3 years. Listening crosstalk(相声) in Tianjin accent is really amusing .

    there are really many kinds of Chinese accent,for my country has such a vast domain and so many people. if you want to imitate a kind of dialect,that's ok.we do not have the consititution's regulation.on the contrary,try to speak the native dialect will bring you more benefit ,ever beyond your imagination!but the prerequisite is you should master the rules of pronuciation. as the saying goes: when in rome ,do as romans do.I guess you must harvest more than friendship in the process of learning Chinese dialects. Good luck!

    Standard Mandarin

    Guangxi accent !!Because we say Zhuang language
    yea there are at least 100 kinds i guess,but that doesnt really help u to learn chinese,its considered that ppl in Hunan or northern district of china speak good their prononciation will be good example. im Cantonese whose accent is regarded as a nightmair to all chinese ha but unfortunately i speak perfect mandarin they always give me a wow and dont believe i come from Guangdong province--which makes me so speechless haha

    As the increase of being educated,more and more young people speaks mandarin in ordinary communication.Even in Shanghai where it's dialect is far from mandarin.I support mandarin because so many different accent makes conmmunication really tough.

    aha, i see,Accent means 口音,Dialect means 方言,different people has diffirent accents, maybe with his hometown language,maybe with his country language,also Chinese people from different places says Mandarin with accents, that sounds like the differences between Standard--Chinese and local language but they are different.

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