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how can i type traditional chinese by cantonese romanization ?

anyone type traditional chinese characters on either pc or a mac by using the 'Yale cantonese romanization' or 'Penkyamp'
i have to type it by 'Changjie' or 'Bopomofo' on windows. but i dunno either of 'em...
on osx, i really dunno if there is a tool or way to type cantonese as well..
i googled a 3rd party software for it, but it ain't worked on Tiger. should i move to Leopard ? =)
and.. i wikipediaed a windows-based shareware programmed by a hongkong , seemed discontinued, i couldn't find any information of it
all ya reply will be appreciated =), sorry for ma bad eng thou...
have a good day !

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    well, you should try"quick" or there should be some store that has a system, that you only need to write on it and it come up in chinese in the computer

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