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How do i learn Pinyin?

3000 words (signs) might be hard.
Pinyin the spell sound, that is interesting.
are there any easy program on the internet?
some easy "pinyin for dummys" :)
the words i can use dictionary to.
the read and wright is not the first prioraty.

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    "羅健瑞:Screw it and learn Zhuyin."
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    To 羅健瑞:it's funny. you suggested "zhuyin",but you write it in Pinyin.
    I'll tell you the truth. If you can find a peron in China who knows Zhuyin. Oh!!! Congratulations!! Maybe you'll find a E.T. sitting in your sofa when you get home!

    To Terje: Pinyin resembles Deutsch in a way.... Besides, I think it would be better if you ask a chinese friend for help, instead of searching any program in Internet. Good luck.
    I think this is a good online website to learn pinyin. I found it by google when a german guy asked me how to learn pinyin. You can hear the sounds of every consonant and vowel and 5 tones.
    Screw it and learn Zhuyin.

    they r not much important i think,because people use chinese character instead of it.
    but as a beginer, they help u to read and find the words in dictionary.
    just learn how to read them and distinguish their different pronouncation from english letters.
    pay much attention on ur grammer.:)

    maybe this website can help you learning Chinese Pinyin: FYI

    I'd like to help you. :-)

    honestly it's not difficult if you can sing... Pinyin is already a simplized way to learn chinese pronunciation. Good Luck~

    You can use the website: It is a very useful web to learn Chinese. Because you can type the English word and then only a clik to find the Chinese word and the pinyin as well as typing method of the word. Hope the website can help you to solve the problem. :]

    to songokudeen:
    Actually, some old people in mainland know zhuyin and only use traditional characters like Taiwanese, like my grandfather and two old professors in my university.

    I think if you want to learn it well,1st,you have to forget your language when study.
    2nd make sure the sound you read is right.
    3rd work hard

    in my opinion , you need to find a chinese teach you pronounce...

    use a pinyin table many books have them. find some mp3s or buy some cds with pinyin drills. at the same time practice tones. note: the chinese pinyin system does not have V or the V sound.
    use a pinyin table many books have them.i agree with it .
    I think this is a good and interisting online website to learn pinyin.

    where a u is " where are you " call me if you in china, 13209434209

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