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Those people who want to learn Arabic have to convert themselves to Islam?

Do those people who want to learn Arabic have to convert themselves to Islam?
& I wonder whether Muslims will give the learners an unfriendly welcome, if the learners believe in Catholicism, Protestantism, Atheism, or Agnosticism, instead of Islam.
If the learners (non-muslims) plan to live & study in the Arab World, Would it be possible for Muslims to accept them as their friends?

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    hi, my friend .......i m a muslim and arab ,accept all the charity and we respect and appreciate and welcome of different kinds, whether muslim or non-muslim friends give them assistance ,this is a duty of the friendship in Islam ,i respect all religions, and I believe the help everyone to learn the Arabic language is far from doctrine and religion
    The question of conversion to Islam this personal liberty we call on them only
    and their choice ,Islam is the only religion ,which guides the God of love God to the people of this religion ,read about it and know ,i personally have friends of non-Muslims
    many of them ask me the definition of Islam ,and help them learn, although I did not talk about Islam
    i know I speak the Arabic language (Arab and Muslim)
    in my country there is a large number of non-Muslim communities respect them
    if u have a trip to my country will change and fully ,Your view about the Arabs and Muslims

    who talk this to you....poor guy!
    but i know they don't mind this just hope you can respect them.
    Oh, My God. It is not depend it when you learn Arabic, then you have to convert to Islam. If non-muslim person wants to learn Arabic, it depends on him/her that for what purporse he/she learn it. But take note very carefully that the root of Islam, (The Holy Quran and Hahath قرآن او احادیث) is in Arabic Language. So if a person learned Arabic then studies Islam in that Language, and he/she found Islam very interesting to him/her (becuase of its truth & reality) then he/she willingly convert to Islam, that is his/her choice. Maybe he/she found it as reality and truth. But it is not compulsary to convert Islam when you learned Arabic. I explain this from my point of view as a mulsim not an Arab. I know very little Arabic but I know all about Islam. So now it is your choice to convert to Islam or not. We believe as muslims that when a non-muslim converts to Islam his/her all past sins and mistake will be forgiven and washed up by Allah, and he/she will start a clean recond actions from the time of converting Islam.
    Let me tell you about your second part of question,
    As I told you that I am not Arab but Muslim. YES, Arab people are good muslims and good human beigs. so you can go there and they will accept you as good friend, INSHALLA (God willing).
    والله اعلم it means God knows better
    Akhtar, a Muslim from Afghaistan.

    hhhhhh why u said that .....No one can force you to do anything u want it ....Especially in that Is not a requirement to learn arabic ; and muslim people Respect the people in ather relegion...for that we can help anybody want learn arabic :)

    u have to know that we sau welcome for everyone
    coz we believe of dogmas freedom
    Arabic is arabic and islam is islam.

    Of course this is not exact my friend In Islam there is not Compulsion , we accept talking to all Muslims and Non-Muslims , and people have the freely rights to Choose , As me I have many friends from everywhere and so many Religions Muslims , Christians , Roman Catholic , Protostant , Buddiest , Sikh , Shiaa , Hindu ,.. and there is a Respect among us , Of course I am Muslim and so convinced with Islam , and the same I respect them and their Beliefs , If they would like to know about Islam I will be so happy and help them of core of my heart ,if they not up to them , but at first thery are friends respect each other , Thank you ^_^

    of caurse,i'm so sorry to say that but you got it very wrrong,because my relationship with other it's not based on religion as much as it is based on friendship and respect ,avery one has to respect other even if he is a muslim or non-muslim,for example i'm a muslim boy, and i help many people who are non-muslims to learn arabic or english or what i can do for them,some of them say to me is that your behaviour?and i answered non it's islam's behaviour, !! more over some of them ask me to help them to enter to the islam but my answer was "i can help you to give you more informations but i can influance you, and then you can choose because you are free and you have a mind,...they were avictim's mass media i hop to understand my message ..and my hands are for you if you want to learn anything in my ability i'm happy to have many friends all over the world ............don't forget we can b friends or more than simple friends if you want ,so i hope that change your opinion to the positive way yours med :) :)

    you can learn Arabic without islam !
    and who said that ??

    If that is true...thats mean that u have to change ur religion in everytime u want to learn a new trying to learn that means that i'll change my religion?? no way..its the same...u can keep ur religion whatever it is...and to learn Arabic in the same worries.

    No one can force you to do anything
    there are tons of native people here in Egypt, Lebanon, and other countries
    they are my friends, my neighbors, normal people I run into, they are what??
    i was brought up by nuns in my school :D
    whoever told u this...probably watches a lot of movies :D:D

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