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Favorite color?

I want to know what your favorite color is and why it is that....

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    mongolians are respect blue color

    "the blue" :my favorite football club

    red!'cause it represents joy、jubilation、prosperity,something like this.

    My favorite color is Sky Blue it makes me smile and feel happy!

    red - is so bright, i adore it.
    black - sometimes its colour of thoughts
    yellow - is so fresh & its colour of happyness :)

    Nice question K~Lee Kun =P !
    My favorite one is "Blue Turquoise" :-)) It makes me feel I'm fresh, I have a new of energy & it makes me more self-confident ??!!
    Take a look at this landscape ..
    Isn't it fabulous ? .. yes it is !!! :-)))


    blue, black, and white.
    blue for i adore sea !!!
    Black.. The colour of wisdom.. Where knowledge is found.. It's neutral to feelings..
    white. unassuming from the outside but it is essentially all the colors!
    black. without black, I wouldn't know what is white :-)
    Red / maroon
    The color of SPIRIT

    Strange question.
    Green and Orange.
    Just because I'm a non-conformist! :D x

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