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any way I can make a plan for teaching English to my mother, it would also help me teach better to my friends here in italki

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    For most language learners, knowing our current language levels is the first step before we make our learning or study plans. Knowing the current level of your mum's English skills would be the first step. And we can also merge the learning with your mum's hobbies. If she is interested in fashion, then that would be a great point to start with. For learning languages, we shall pay more attention to the balanced improvement on listening, writing, speaking and reading. Now you can find good learning materials online easily. There are also a lot of free files or learning resources on italki.

    Decide the language level -- Find good language tutor -- Decide what learning materials to choose -- Start regular learning and review the progress from time to time

    That is just my idea about language study. Please all, if you have any other idea, please share with us.

    you shuold exercies language with her
    nice answer ms help i can add that also u should know that english
    HOWCAN YOU TEACH YOUR SELF ENGLISH at first you must know all the part on english
    1 writing
    2 listening
    3 speaking
    4 reading
    5 grammer
    Be sure if you know that u will be on the good line on learning english then to train listening try to listen to movie on language of english without see the translation oh i know at first thats will be so difficult but believe me after awhile thats will be easy and thats called train your ears then sbeaking it also so easy try to make your language like actors on the film then try always to read on english only and ask your self what do you understand of this then try to write on easy and simple way what are u understand and the grammer is sooooooooo easy but i should help u on it and who want that he will be welcome only send on my email thanks to every one give me his or her time to read this
    i can help with sending some lessons and with some courses also some tests thanks alot

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