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Hello, someone could teach me to speak French?


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    @Sly Da Man: Please give me the recipe to be a French-speaker this fast! Is it an injection?!
    Please don't joke around! J’apprends le français depuis l’âge de 10 ans, et les cours sont 100% en français dans mon institut mais je n’ose jamais à dire que je suis excellent en français.

    @ Paloma Salido : I doubt if you can find a French teacher who’ll stay hours to teach you from basics to complex grammatical and orthographical stuff, where even French people do mistakes .
    I don’t say that it’s impossible to be excellent in French, but it is not that easy .
    First, begin with basics. Then, you can move to more practice by emerging your self in French-speaking atmosphere (change your devices’ language to French such as: computer, cellular phone, camera…etc.).Then step by step you’ll be able to do some simple conversations, here you can begin to chat in French, and when you find some difficulties ask.
    Finally, the best thing to do is to take a course in a private language school or in CCF (The French Cultural Center) in your country to shortcut the duration of your learning.
    Good Luck,

    Hi Paloma,
    If you want someone to teach you french, I'll be glad to be this one.
    I'm sure you'll be french speaker very soon.
    A bientôt!!

    itlktiv ) thats right its not easy to be good french speaker ,it cost long time and more learning .
    Paloma Salido ) i advice you to focus when you use (in french :le temp composé)this in the begining ,after that .....more vocabularies = wide control
    hello im goofy im ready to lern you french
    hello paloma i help you if you want with pleasure
    if u want u cant

    feel freet to write me, i am sure i can help

    i can try withe u

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