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help me ! i don't want to study any more!

i don't want to study any more ! i just want to work !
how do you think of it ?
give me some advices?

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    if you have some ideas in you mind, maybe you will never forget untill they come true no matter good or harmful to you.such as me, when i am a student, i want to work, but now, i am working, i really miss my university least, now i am missing.
    so, if you really want to work, you can do some part-time jobs during you are free, so you can know which work is you want and which things you need learn.another hand, maybe you will feel which is more suitable for you now.

    and i remember that someone said: everyone should do something which is best to do when you at the corresponding age.i think it's right.

    well i can understand how you are feeling right now because i'm in the same situation as you are....
    i feel very confused because i wanna be a good professional in the future, but if i want this i should study,,,hhehe my mind is a mess..

    i just wanna give you an advice..when you stop studying and you begin a job, is a very huge change, i mean: you're very young and you have a great future ahead of you,, so you should study hard, i know is very difficult and sometimes you feel a big pressure,and you're very stressed about all the studies' stuff,but you should think of this way: when you finish your studies you'll be a professional..and a professional earn more money and has more work's proposals in major companies than a unprofessional..

    there is no haste, i know you have much to can get the best, just follow the good advices and listen to your family, they can help you, you're not alone.

    best wishes to you,

    good luck

    There is always a proper time for everything.
    To be in the university is a cherished moment, our friends, classmates, schoolmates, teachers, and the campus. Ruby is right. Like her, I am also missing my university life right now that I am working. University life is a part of your life that makes you grow as a person. It is a shortest years or period in our life, but that shortest period might bring us to the wealth or achievement that we dream for.

    When I started to work after graduating, the life outside the university is tough and stiff. A lot competition and a time for you to make use of your learning when you were still in school, or shall I say working is the application of learning. It is essential that while we are student we must study hard to learn more and get sufficient knowledge so that we will be ready when we encounter any problems that may arise in real life after the university.

    So Zhangdi, Hold on and don't be in a hurry. You will have your time after your university.
    Good Luck!


    From what I've heard people feel the opposite way when they are working. Just try to take it calm, be happy with what you have right now because the next 40 years will be work anyway. And trust me, I think you'll want to go back to being a student at that time. ;)

    Ok, what kind of hled do you need? Try to send a e-mail to or try to seek me in MSN Regards!

    ooOps!!!!!!!!it's a problem.....sometimes school for me is something HORRIBLE......but,i think that school is cool....
    you can to try....

    I say do boths, I would like the same but people are more impressed with studied people when hiring

    Oh I know how you feel. Even at my age with no degree I kinda feel left out. I guess in other words I feel that working at some minimum wage job and doing all the hard work and some one constantly telling me what to do is unfair. I know when I get my degree I will be able to make my own self rich and I can tell my self what to do so I guess in the end it will work out. So don't worry it will work out.

    But if you still want to work I agree with some one who posted that do both study during the school year and when there is summer break or something then work. Maybe then you can tell the difference. I know I can. ^_^

    we have the same feeling
    i feel it now.i'm so tired many projects and assignments
    it gives me so much pressure
    but dont stop studying
    education is very important...
    that's all i can say...!^^

    Come on ! don't be like that, u have to be patient, if you wanna work u must study hard so u can find a good job and good salary .. ok?

    Wel, I think that you must study more and very, cause you'll only get a good job if you have a good knowledge and a good study. Have patience because to study don't good and easy, but, is
    Good luck

    There is an old saying. "We regret the things we don't do, never the things we do". If you don't finish your studying you may regret it later, but you will probably not regret studying hard! Please think carefully, this decision will affect your whole life! Please also remember it is your decision and you must follow your own personal instinct. Good luck.

    In your place, I would look for something else to study that you enjoy. But we are all answering without knowing what you are going through. When I was 15 I had to work because somebody in my family was ill and needed care. After that, I went back to my studies. Then, when I got into college, I started studying mathematics, because I thought that was best. I didn't like it and ended up dropping out. I would have done better being honest with myself and choosing a different career that wasn't so 'prestigious' but that I enjoyed more.

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