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Can you feel other people's feelings?Do you understand very well your friends and their problems?

I have felt other people's felings many times and also read their minds...accidentally! Does that happen to you too?

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    I feel it often. I feel the bad and the good. many times, even before talking, I can feel if I like a person or not. Often we say .. 'there is something about her\him that is disturbing, or there is something about them that I really like, but I do not know what.' And if I do not brush these feelings aside, but follow them, I usually find out that my initial feelings were right. I guess it goes both ways.
    Of late people have begun to call these feelings vibes... I have good vibes about him.. COuld this be related to our auras, our energies, our connectivity to all nature?
    hi my sis moon really nice question and that because u so sensetive person but listen for me I think that everyone love his friend alot he will feel him or her but this love must be true love I mean love which wonot be lost never so sure you will feel him or her and also you will read them eyes or know that they on aproblem really if we love from our heart we will feel everyone and their pain will be our pain their tears will be our tears also their problems thanks for this nice question and know that if u feel ur friends that u so kind and good person

    It's happened to me before, yes, but not often...and it's probably better that way. I need to stay focused on being who I am as a person without getting confusion added to the mix. I have enough going on in my own head. :-)

    @Nona : I couldn't get your idea !please, use punctuation next time.

    @Moon: I guess we can feel what others are feeling when we are interested, and sometimes we find that others are living an experience we have lived before.
    I appreciate your will to help your friends, but I doubt your ability to read their minds!
    Rather call it expectations! The fact you shared with this person a lot of moments, talked with him/her, and lived with him/her enough experiences that allowed you to know how this person will react under some conditions.
    For example, I know that my friend is mad about chocolate, so if we come across a candy shop I’ll bet that he is thinking about chocolate, hehehe. Does this mean I read his mind?! Never.
    I think that this kind of 'reading other's minds' is just a way to describe a well established relationship or strong links with person whatever the feelings towards.

    Peace out,

    Hey moon nice question :-))
    Yes I do feel other people's feeling .. as u said I can read their mind sometimes .. u know .. I think tht u r sensitive & intelligent too !! few people can feel the others pain from afar .. my problem is: No one can feel what I'm feeling or understand me without talking :-(( .. which is good :-p .. coz I don't like too much sharing my problems with other people .. I don't like to make the others suffering or getting disturbed because of me >< ........thnx for the question :-))..........

    nice question i bet that every one has this ability if he has a close friends
    if u have many friends and spend alot of time together and kid each other then u will be able to know what is he thinking to do now? because u know him well and if u met him and found him sad u will doubt and say in urdelf(i think he feels bla bla bla) so from all that u will have experience how to deal different people and read their mind so that depends on ur personality if u r social u will be able to read the people mind or feelings

    i don't think so ; because if really i can feel others poeple's feelings i can have a very good friends but i don't have that
    yeah,i can feel and i think we have the ability to feel it
    as long as it was a sincere care for them
    everyone can do it :)

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