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What is the worst thing the people ever did to you?

describe it. I wonder if you can beat my story :/

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    Worst thing to me did the people I loved too much,they can hurt so bad..
    And they did...

    ooh where to start let me think :)

    betray me

    it's really hard to say about the worst thing, more important to forgive this person...

    rascality ( villainy), treachery( cheating) , hypocrisy( dissimulation)
    story !!: no, i try to forget
    my best friend had tried my marks to get down. when i heard that i had worried very much.

    stab back me


    sorry, i do n't like to recall the story but the worst thing happened to me slag, cunning, mistrust
    some friends and the lack of awareness to understand the meaning of friendship and respect
    i try to ignore

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