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can I have an e-mail exchange with someone from Indonesia?

For visits to Indonesia I want to learn bahasa. Is there anyone who wants to e-mail with me? I speak French, English, German. Also Dutch (native).


For learning: Indonesian
Base language: English
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    yes this my email,nice to meet u.

    hi, leonard im vedry i interested to exchange languange with you, i want improve my english and i can teach you indonesia languange, here my email and my YM, i hope see you soon, thanks
    your sincerely
    im from indonesia...
    n i want to learn english, coz my english very bad :p
    N i can speak indonesia, so i will teach u...
    For ur information :
    my Friendster :
    my Blog :
    my YM :

    nice to meet u :)

    Here's my e-mail :
    i can speak Bahasa indonesia (native), english and japanesee.
    We can talk about lot of things and teach each other
    Nice to meet you.
    hello, I'm saki. i speak indonesian and english. i'm from indonesia. my email salam kenal n_n

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