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What do u think about God? Do u believe in him? If u believe...are u trying to follow his way?

This question is a few complicated to answer,cos there are many diferent opinions, but i wanna about your general idea about him! My opinion is that he's wonderful and i'm trying to follow him,it's dificult I know,but...not imposible with his power in us!

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    No, I don't believe in a god. I won't say anything more than that, otherwise some people here will start hating me...

    I don't believe in any god either.

    This question was asked many times, and we saw how it was turned quarrels, insults and accusations.
    I ask any one give his answer and full stop.

    I do Believe in God, and I’m trying to follow his right path .I think that If we put our arrogance and selfishness beside ,we'll be guided .Otherwise we are astray .because , God didn’t make this life a Di Vinci code ,but it’s easy t understand if we put the thin veils off from our reasons .

    Peace Out,

    @ Harre: Dude! Look after a while how thumbs you'll collect :p

    yes sure i believe in god. sure i try to follow him and i have many evidences to prove that he is existed and he saw us

    as i know God is love..i believe about yeah i believe in God..if his way is good for your life, so why not to follow his way..there is nothing wrong with it..i like what his teaching, all are in the positive way such as love, spirit, forgiveness etc..
    Certainly , I do believe in God.So , i try -as much as i can to follow his way.
    May Allah Almighty guide us all !!
    To tell the truth...I do not know of anything called god. There are many books that tell me there is something called god and the way this god acts/behaves/desires. I find myself disagreeing with these ideas on many levels. Some intellectual and some from my heart.

    I desire to live life with kindness and accept I do not know all the answers.
    It seems to me to be a better plan than to kill over a diety/belief system that I do not truly know to be the truth. Life is so often the point it is dead and we completely miss the point of it.

    I am not on earth to deny other people's belief systems, but instead to seek peace and truth for myself in my own heart and change/accept what i must.

    To those who say one needs God and that life is hollow without him/her/it then you haven't lived my life. I also haven't lived your's.

    May we all find truth where it is to be found.
    May we all be happy and well. :)
    I do not think u need to ask a similar question
    here some people object to other people's choices and ideas,press thumb down on this spot
    this is caused by the conflicts between each other

    I thoroughly agree with J-Learner

    @itlktiv: See, I get thumbs down already just for answering the question without saying anything else. Am I surprised? No, apparently religious people claim to be tolerant while in fact they aren't.

    Oh, and I totally agree with J-Learner.

    "How do u know religious People gave u thumbs down? Just assuming? or do u have any scientifical prooves? (lol) or is it ur prejudice against religious people?"

    Because all religious people here have thumbs up and non-religious have thumbs down. Just look at the score.

    "...maybe ur bad Reputation has something to do with that (!) ever thought of it?"

    Then why is Richardus at -3 as well? It's very simple, you guys just hate atheists. Very sad.

    I believe in some sort of god.
    But I can't imagine it to be an actual being, but as some force standing behind the things happening, to some extend as coincidence, making life interesting.
    Also I can't lay my faith in some religion, because, although some people - like Jesus for example - said some clever things, the religions are still created and controlled by humans and are often abused for gather power.

    @multani: And again, you ignore why Richardus has -3. Don't look at my score. Just look at Richardus. EXPLAIN to me why he has -3. Don't beat around the bush now, multani.

    @multani: First of all, he didn't approve me. He just said that he doesn't believe in god. Therefore your first explanation is invalid. Second of all you didn't give any reasons either and neither did cleopatra, itlktiv and v. persie. Therefore your second explanation doesn't make sense either. The third is speculation and I've never seen him comment anywhere before, therefore it is unlikely that he will get several thumbs down. According to you I've insulted many people so I should be lower than him.

    I don't assume things multani. I use logic and deduction and in this case facts don't lie, multani.


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