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How to distinguish between Chinese people, Japanese people and Koreans?

I mean ,From you know, what is our different ?face?etiquette? I know that my compatriots very warm, but I would like to find the answer from the foreigners,thanks!^_^

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    very interesting.
    many ppl think we ( i am japanese ) cannot recognize by its look until listening speak.
    in my opinion those who don`t know the different are the ppl who haven`t met Chinese, Korean, Japanese very often. actually many japanese say cannot see the different, means they are not in the situation or experience meeting them in daily life.

    Here i am going to write are the things only commonly said. won`t be apply to all. so i am not saying how you look or how i look, but again just commonly. and here are the only few examples i can write. if i write them all, it could be a report of Anthropology

    There many tribes in china, so i refer to the Han tribe. the ppl of Han are easier to recognized than to recognize korean to japanese. they are usually taller than us and longer legs and arms. the head shape and face are flat than we have. skin look really different too, maybe because of the reason less hair, look smooth. guys of korean have well-built body while japanese are skinny or just chubby.
    like other answers said we can tell the different of eyes of korean, but many of them have cosmetic surgery so we can`t tell by its single eyelid. and the same reason, we can tell the difference from korean ppl because ppl of china and japan... don`t have that commonly. please don`t ask what is the different of the face surgery and non-serge.
    most reason how we recognized are not the figures of its race: like i have wrote above.
    but by the attitude, act or styles: way dress, hairstyle, etc,.more things about appearance of its cultures influenced.
    when i traveled Hong Kong, i could tell who was the japanese, korean, ppl of the Hong Kong and also the ppl of the main land of the china. that because of their style and attitude.

    the question is difficult there is no difference between us by our shape like we think there is no different between american and cannada the best way is to communicate more chinese questions i can help u i am a university student my major is china email

    By feelings.

    talk with them

    you can talk with them ,then you will know
    feel the tone by talking with them

    Many Japanese have rabbit teeth,so cute. Many Korean have Single-edged eyelid(单眼皮)

    Why should we distinguish between them, I think do not need it

    lol this is a funny question.

    It's actually kinda interesting. Here in Europe I can usually distinguish between German/English/Italian/Spanish/Dutch when I see someone. I wonder to what extent Asians are able to separate between them. Obviously it's easy to distinguish between asians from northern regions (Northern parts of China, Korea and Japan) and southern regions (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam etc.) but I wonder about other differences.

    May be by their action or cloth.I just can distinguish Chinese with Janpanese or Koreans,but I can't get the difference between Japanese and Koreans..hoho

    I think that maximal diversity ought to be language , culture and national ideology .

    Lemme tell you the easiet way to indenty a Chinese and a Japanese
    If you see a person meets a person, he bows (this is called お辞儀), then he must be a Japanese.
    If you see a person just shake his hand with the person he meets (this is called 握手する), then he must be a Chinese.

    About Korean people...sorry I don't know..."Anihaseyo"? hahahahaha


    i'm studying in a language school, i dont think it's difficult to distingush them...especially korean and Japanese men..just from their looking,,clothes,orXXXX ,u will easily distinguish them after u meet more..

    but many chinese boys and girls wear like korean..

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