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Who wants to speak Russian with me?? I can teach English


For learning: Russian
Base language: English
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    Hello! I'm really want to speak English, with native speakers especially. And I could help you with your Russian. Good luck!

    how about chinese/mandarin? i can help with it.
    Hello! i wanna to speak Eng too. it my turn, i can teach u learn Rus.
    Hi. My name is Dima. I`m from Russia. I study English, i can help with Russian.
    Hi. I can.

    hey Jess! I will happy speak Russian with you! :)
    привет Жесс! :) Я буду рад составить тебе отличную компанию!

    Hello. Have a great day) I help you to improve your Russian with a great pleasure.
    Hear you soon.
    Best regards to you.

    Privet! If you want you can add me..because I'd like better talk with girl here...
    i know Russian and Ukrainian and English...

    I can help u :) I know both Russian and Ukrainian too

    Hi! If you want, you can add me *))
    But, to my mind, my english is not so good
    I I have a chance? I, too, could help you.
    I can help you with your Russian and i very want speak English with you

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