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What is your favorite Japanese song?

singer - song - which music type

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    When it comes to music groups, I would say Pizzicato Five: Hip like only a Japanese band could be.
    Miss Maki Nomiya 野宮真貴, I love You!
    But what song by Pizzicato Fife?
    Twiggy Twiggy!

    my favorite singer is "Shiina Ringo" 椎名林檎. Japanese rock'n roll.

    Bump Of Chicken - Karma

    Its an old song... but I can sing it... :P Dont have the courage to sing this in a Karoake place yet though... XD

    "Meiko Kaji - The Flower of Carnage" of Lady Snowblood

    "Wishes" from 藤田惠美

    明日晴れるかな by 桑田佳祐

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