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What will you do if you are loving a boy/girl who is in the different world from you?

if she/he is far from from you,you will never meet again,will you just give up?

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    I think one shouldn't give up if he/she is really that great. Although it's okay to be realistic about some stuff... Like if you're almost sure you'll never meet again then you'd best just let it go.

    I agree. If the person lives at least on the same continent as me, I'm totally in love with them, it's mutual, etc. I would try to keep in touch via email and phone, and try to meet up with them every few months. Same if they are overseas, you never know. If there is no way your ever be able to meet.... I would try to be friends, but find someone else closer to home....

    A tradition believer in if you want something you will fight for it. Love is something that no man can ever define or tame. It always surprises me how people underestimate the greatest emotion ever. It's all up to you really. For me, if the love is strong and meaningful to me, I will find away to make it work. Language and distance is not the destructive factor unless you let it be.

    in this situation
    I think I would give up because I don't want to love her or him via E-mail Skype or things like that.
    If we are in different classes of this world, I won't continue this love. I learn it from my parents.

    I am in that situation. My boyfriend is in Thailand. People ask me why I do not have an English boyfriend - the answer is simple! It may seem inconveinient but we can talk on the phone, chat on the internet and once or twice a year we can see each other face to face for a few weeks.
    People don't always find love, sometimes love happens by accident. I would give up if the love was not strong, but the love is strong so I am patient ^_^

    I think love is worth fighting for no matter how far they are. I know it'll be hard but what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

    Love knows no boundaries.

    i'll give it up~but before it, fighting is neccesary.
    do fight for love, or whatever decision i make, i won't regret in the rest of my lift.
    however, most of the time. hard fighting could not conque the realism of lift. usually, the result is out of what you expect.
    at that time, giving it up is the best choice. your life is not only have much more. your career,your family,your ambition are waiting you to fight for.

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