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What are you most afraid of?

Dear italkers
when you are alone at home, at night, what is it that you are most afraid of?

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    -from strange voices..--my fthr says that it's our fridge--
    -and when i'm trying to sleep i think somebody is in our house and trying to kill me.. :S
    Spiders!!! Heeeelp!... ;) :D

    If I am in an old house...ghosts!!!!!!!!!
    I don't afraid anything
    I hear some strange voices when I am in bed ^

    off Electricity


    Hey Phil! I accidentally asked the same question as you....Sorry it wasn't on purpose:)
    I am afraid of ignorance,stupidity,however.

    I think most afraid thing in live is the good friend when he deal with you as enemy (human being) .
    i am lovely to your email i want to nparte or shar with u

    idon't afraid anything


    flying cochroaches =D



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