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May i know your name?

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    my english name is Faith,Chinese name is Zhao Jing,u can call me Faith or Jing~ both r ok~

    My english name is Frigate,chinese name is RenHuiJie.

    may name is" fatima-zahra" and u can call me fati or fatima :)

    I have my english name April.Because i like it-- april
    and my chinese name yupeng 喻鹏

    of course 薛志刚 xuezhigang

    郑守谦 Zheng Shou Qian or Johnnie from Johnnie Walker Blue Label :)

    Yes ,
    My Name Is هشام In Arabic , Hesham in English , Hescham Auf Deustch , write Hysam in Indonesian Bahasah ,....

    My english name is Che Pengxi(车鹏熙). Che is my Lastname.


    My English name is Michelle,and Chinese name is Min Xue(闵雪).

    OK ,my name is YuYong (喻勇). :-)

    My English name is tom, My Chinese name is HU xi gui . but you can call me xigui or tom.
    my chinese name is hu jia mo,胡迦墨
    My name is xiaohong wu .

    My Chinese nane is Wang fan

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