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How to pronouce "rr" in Portuguese?

"rr" sounds the same as it in French or in Spanish? Or different places sound different?

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    I want to make an inquiry here about the pronunciation.

    As stated in the question, you are asking if it's pronounced like in Spanish or French.
    As the others say, "rr" can be pronounced like H. This is common in Brazil.
    But remember! If you would go to Portugal, they would pronounce the "rr" like a French R.

    Well then, that was all!

    Best wishes,
    In portuguese you may pronounce the "rr" like the "h" of the english words "hot", "hell" etc.

    Like Luciano already said, the pronounce of "rr" in portuguese is like "h" of the english words "hot", "hell" or "halo".

    the same happens with 'r' in the beginning of a word (rato, relógio, rua) or when it's after the letter 'n' (honra, conrado)


    this pronunciation is the same.The Leon is corret for help you
    In Brazil ir may sounds like the h in english, but in Portugal is more accentuated , like you are scratching your throat
    In French and Spanish the sound is little softer...

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