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How can i make a sentence in Mandarin????

Please help me!!! How can i make sentence in mandarin???
It's very hard 4 me to build a mandarin sentence!!
In English, we are following sentence patterns...
How about in Mandarin??? What are the sentence patterns????

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    wow, this is a hard question to answer! I think Ethan's answer ia right, "you should learn the grammar structure of Chinese first", like we chinese study english, i think this is not very diffcult, but it is very different from english grammar structure, eg: i want to make friend with u! in chinese, it is 我想和你成为交朋友 . (i , want to ,with u ,make friend------of course, this is a wrong sentence. just to explain the question). The object(you) must be put in front.
    Maybe my answer is not clearly, and hope not to mislead u!

    I think you should learn the grammar structure of Chinese first,then you could know what is the sentence formed.

    sorry it is 我想和你成为朋友!not have 交。typed a wrong word!

    I think it is the same to English sentences.

    First, one sentence must have a subject,like I,he,she,it,etc.

    Second, a verb or v.i , called predicate .

    Third, an object.

    This is the basic construction of a sentence.

    Of course,the first thing is to learn the grammar ,good luck to you

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