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.-how can i forget my ex boyfriend??

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    To concentrate on something else ur study or ur future !!
    Don't try to broach another experience..
    Men are like..... Vacations.
    They never seem to be long enough.

    tell yourself i love him not not at all then find a new one instead of him

    i don't know yes

    Do whatever you want. You can cry or you can choose to do something else like going shopping or going to a rock concert. But I don't think it's good to contact him. I've never seen any of my friends succeeded to rebuild trust in the broken relationship… so far. Putting a broken vase where it was is good for nothing even if you are as patient as you can fix it. It's better to get the better vase. You will meet lots of boys in your life and you will get the man of your dreams. I would bet you will be having fun with the one after one year. Let go of the past, enjoy your present.

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