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Is there a site like "Cyworld" or "Myspace" or "Livejournal" for French people?

Est-ce que il y a un site pour un blogue ou un journal en français sur l'internet?
Is there a website for blogging or online journaling in French?

Or is there a website similar to Myspace or Cyworld?... for French people?

Je dois pratiquer écrit français.
I need to practice writing French.

Merci beaucoup!
Thank you!

Also, if you're a French native speaker, let's be friends. ^^

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    Tu peux utiliser la version française de Facebook ou de Myspace :
    You can use the French version of Facebook or MySpace:

    Tu peux trouver des millions de sites de journaux ou de blogging -en utilisant des mots clés en français- si tu Googleras.
    You can find a plenty of websites for blogging or online journaling in French, if you use French keywords in Google.

    Bonne chance
    Good Luck

    You can find many blogs in this web site
    Hope it helps
    GOooD LUCK =)


    il y'a ce site là
    bonne chance

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