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what's the first thing you should know when learning korean?

yeah, what's the first thing you have to know when you wnat to learn korean?
i mean , is it that hard?
must i prepare a lot to learn the language?
thank you so much!^_____^

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    Study Hangul first. Korean is very easy to you. Korean the easist foreign language for Japanses.
    You will be able to read in a couple of days (Hangul).
    You will be able to understand reading in a couple of months.
    You will be able to speak in a half of year.

    I've only been studying one year and I'm not good at all, but sometimes I can read a little bit of it and understand. I think you have to learn the alphabet first. Then maybe learn basic phrases or some vocabualry words or endings of words depending on how formal it is.
    Hello, Thank you, Good bye, this, that, here, there, I, You, and, then, who, what, where, when, why, how, Whats your name, My name is ....

    Sorry I can't type in Korean but I'm sure you can look these up somewhere. Good Luck.

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