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Arabic Learning Alone??

Is the Arabic Learning diffulcult to follow alone?? I teach English at the Masjid. So I do not have time to join the classes.

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    try to practise it with any one

    i think it is difficult to follow alone,learning arabic is more difficult than learning english.... in learning arabic u need some one who help u in spelling of words, learning Grammar....and learn u the spoken arabic..... Good Luck

    Firstly Assalamu alikum ,
    Its really difficult to learn any language alone and was consume much time , than going to classes and practising it with friends and show how is the perfect way to pronounce and talk in it, but you can learn it alone using Books , sites,.. there are many great Arabic Sites will help u insha Allah at ur start e.g.
    Hope that help u insha Allah , All the Success for u ^_^

    CD to learn arabic
    u can use
    Nero ,DAEMON Tools or VirtualCloneDrive

    Learning Arabic by yourself without a help is nearly impossible, because you need much more time, und you never know where you are. Joining a course or search for some friend on the internet is sure the best thing, you can do.

    i find it very difficult, impossible for me...


    for begining no not hard
    but after we need to listen someone or audios files so we help you if you need but if you like you can

    every languge is deffrent if u learn it alon
    best way to learn arabic is to watch arabian movie to learn pronciation of alphapet
    speack the way that arab do
    n wear the dresses that arab dress it n look to mirror n speak

    yes you for sure can learn Arabic even u r alone but the question should be how long and how good u will learn
    but u can... if there is no urgent target nor spesific time.
    Finally, have u seen this software
    hopefully, find it useful

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