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why english language is very important???

Hi im ayien,..
Why english language is very important to all people in the world??
everyone can share your answer with me!!!

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    This depends on what one person wants to do in their future. English is considered the international language. Probably declared by America..... >.>... But there are more people in the world that speaks Chinese (Mandarin). I guess Chinese is too hard for some people.

    I have another good answer, English is important otherwise I wouldn't be able to communicate with you =P

    English is the language of computer programs [ yes ,you are right Niney chan!] and of International Business.
    Because it was chosen like international language and people all over the world study it.

    English is a universal language widely spoken by people all over the world,and yes that's right,commonly used in International business.

    english is the new roman language. it used to be that no matter where you go someone spoke roman but now it is that no matter where you go someone speaks english. in most big companies it is required to know english because america is infuential in alot of foreign trade. english will help you no matter where you go.

    La langue Anglaise est parlée par un grand nombre de pays. Elle la 4ème langue au monde. Elle est importante parce qu'elle est la langue principale des échanges commerciaux et technologiques. A titre d'exemple, presque toute les découvertes technologiques de ces dernières années reposent sur la langue anglaise : Outil informatique - Aviation - Recherche scientifique - ... même les guerres sont provoquées par les Américains, ce qui fait d'eux les gendarmes de la planète...
    Mais au niveau culturel, la langue de Molière est de loin la meilleure.

    because is the best way to learn any other language. I like my native language ( spanish ) better ( it's somehow more lyrical ) but english is cooler!

    Actually, I'm pretty sure more people speak Spanish than English as well as Mandarin; right?

    Yes why..... I doubt there is a person who can make a good logical argument for this question. English is no better or worse than any other language, it is just because of the course of history that English is the international language of choice.

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