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How to pronounce the "rr" in Spanish

Recently i met a problem in Spanish, i can't pronounce "rr" correctly-__- it's like killing me every time i tried to say it......

Some people say that your tongue has to be like "the flag in the wind", but how the hell do I know how a flag feels in the wind>_<...

So, I need your help guys, please tell me what native speakers will do about it. Thanks a billion!!!

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    When you were a child and played making the sound of an airplane or car, you said the Spanish rr many times. If you have a tongue, you can do it! You just have to pretend you are that child again, like Marco A. says. The other methods he mentions are also good. I don't know why some people make pessimistic remarks. You will get it!
    Hmm, what I've heard is that there was research that showed you have to learn to do that by a certain young age as a child. I can't do it, haven't been able to learn.
    Put the tip of your tongue on the top of your mouth, directly behind your front teeth and blow a little air out while making the "rrr" sound. Its called "rolling" your r's. Some people just can't do it. I know a lot of people who can't .

    huy... Is little difficult to explain you... but well I am going to try... for the pronunciation of the 'rr' u must remember that the pronunciation de 'r' in ingles is 'ar' well for the spanish you chance the pronunciation 'ar' for 'er' but when you pronounce 'er' you almost collide the tip from the tongue to the palate and you continue to try to pronounce 'er' but allows to leave some air between the language...

    maybe this help you...
    Sigue buscando y escuchando.
    Sorry man unfortunatley i don`t know Spanish

    Rosa, risa, regla, reto, perro, carro, rama, cordero, amarrar, etc

    rr spanish pronunciation
    Keep in mind that there are two R sounds in Spanish: the single R sound and the double R (or RR) sound.
    Keep in mind that the single R sound is used whenever the single R appears in a word, except when it's at the beginning of a word or after an L, N or S, when the RR sound is used.
    The RR sound is also used to sound the letter combination of 'rr,' which is sometimes viewed as a separate letter of the Spanish alphabet.
    Keep in mind that the Spanish R and RR don't share the distinctive R sound of English. Think of them as separate letters entirely.
    Remember that the RR is a trilled sound formed by a flapping of the tongue against the front roof of the mouth.
    Visualize the front of your tongue as a flag flapping in a vigorous breeze.
    Now try purring like a cat. If you've succeeded, you are approximating the RR sound.
    Alternatively, relax and pretend you're a kid making the sound of a revving-up motor.
    Another way is to pretend it is extremely cold. Now make the sound of exhaling with you lips flapping together. Now do the same thing with your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
    Alternatively, loosely hold the tip of your tongue at the front roof of your mouth. Now try blowing air between the tip of the tongue and roof of your mouth while you partly relax the tongue.

    Try to imitate the sound of the trilled R as it is pronounced by native speakers.
    Don't even be tempted to pronounce the trilled R as the R is pronounced in English.

    So bad brian grown old and is not longer able to pronounce the rr in spanish. OK so here's a tip
    r at the beginning and rr in the middle of the word sound the same. just put the tip of your tongue in the palatal roof and hit it softly but repeatedly ( around 4 - 5 times per second ) so it will sound like if you where trying to imitate a gun machine, once you have it, take it easier and you'll be done. P.S. Seriuslly Brian, we are sorry!

    practice.. ferrocarrrrrril
    Check this site:

    And practice saying this words:
    remember the sound of the "rr'' is very strong, stronger than english.





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