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do you like reading books? and which one is your favoret one?

and In any subjects do you like reading?

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    yes i like read books
    favoret book : لا تحزن = don't be sad

    I LOVE reading... I just agree that famous writer saing «People say the important thing is living, but I prefer reading.»!
    I have many and many favourite books - how to choose only one and deny the others? Nevertheless I can tell you my favourite kind is novel: fantasy, historical, psycological... :)

    in past i was have time to read , i was read 2 books per day
    but now i have not time and i read from internet what i need


    Yes, I like to read books. My favorite book: Authors - Robin S. Sharma "Megaliving!" "Who will cry when you die" and George S. Clason "The richest man in Babylon"

    Yes, I do. The book I love reading it is Holy Quran.

    i love reading more than eating my favorit is war n peace .cont of monto cristo .hard times .محمد واللذين معه
    I like rading a lot, but I can't tel you which the favour book of them, because i get a good knowledge from any book I read it.
    I am be happy when i read some pages every day og holy quran which give me a calmness

    id like Agatha Krysti stories
    ts very interaining, mystrious & full of axn

    holy Qoran

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