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nani ga "desho" desuka

what does desho mean and how is it used

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    "desho" is the spoken language of "desu".
    An element times the question is mixed a little.
    Use example)
    ・これはミカンです(kore ha mikan desu)
    ・ これはミカンでしょ?(kore ha mikan desho)

    deshou = でしょう

    予想・予報(よそう・よほう)yosou/yohou = presumption/prediction:
    "Asu-wa ameni narudeshou (明日は雨になるでしょう。)"
    = "Asu-wa ameni naruto omoimasu (明日はあめになるとおもいます。)"
    = I think it will rain tomorrow.

    不確定(hukakutei) = uncertain:
    "Boku-no kaitou-wa tadashii deshou? (僕の回答はただしいでしょう?)"
    = "Boku-no kaitou-wa tadashii desu yone? (僕の回答はただしいですよね?)”
    = "Boku-no kaitou-wa tadashiito omoi masen ka?" (僕の回答は正しいと思いませんか?)
    = My answer is correct, isn't it?

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