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what is the best way to learn chinese?

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    Hi ! I have to say chinese is the most difficult language in the you must try your best to study it.
    1).you should study chinese phonetic alphabet (汉语拼音),that's the basic way to pronounce chinese.
    2). you should buy a good and complete grammar book to study it.
    3).try to make some chinese friend in italki and try to practice with them .Also if you have any problems ,you can ask them as soon as possible .
    Frankly...chinese is difficult..but really interesting!wish you enjoy it!
    Um...It's difficult to say which way is the best.
    Practice practice and practice is the basic way. Listen to it, speak it and write it.
    If you study abroad in China, you can practice incessantly, and you may learn it quickly.
    I think it is a good way to learn Chinese, and it's same to learn other languages.

    i don't know how..
    but i want to learn...

    The Pimsleur language course is EXCELLENT for developing correct pronunciation and accent, and starts at a beginners level. Dr. Pimsleur's research in language aquisition is of the highest level, and if you try his course you will find not only that you can speak Chinese, but that you will REMEMBER it too!

    if u live in China,you have the best resouce. Maybe you should make more Chinese friends and to spend as much time as psbl with them, they will teach you friendly. Just like we learn English, we need help from each other.

    it's fast way to learn Chinese of in China. If not, learn it from the very basis such as the pronounciation and the way to write it. Afer having the basic skill of speaking, try to talk with someone who can speak Chinese as much as possible. learn the oral Chinese and then learn the writing is the most used way to foreign-language speaking persons.

    Making friends with Chinese and opening your mouth as often as you can.

    You must learn to open your can make friends with chinese.Hard work can make up for a lack of intelligence(勤能补拙)
    first u must be learn pinyin and speaking
    make chinese friend,meet native speaker that will be nice

    the way to learn languages is almost the same, just just it, and try to remember as much as you can, never be shy to ask questions or make mistakes. and the most important you should set your mind to learn it.
    i believe in you, you can make it. you said you would came to china, it is a good way to learn this kind of language. good luck.

    chinese characters' pronunciation is according to pinyin. so you can speak first and remember the letters how to pronounce.(it's close to the english letters ,it's easy. and about the tone, you just take it like a tone to a song)
    about writing characters, every word is come from the life show. so don't be nervous cause it's so different from your culture. you can read a picture evern a story from each part of it. (at the first of the character learning , you write or to draw like a simple picture.) till you keep them in mind.
    learn language i frefer to the 'baby way', listen and speake as much as you can at first, and learn the word when you have some knowledge about simple sentence and the usual way peaple how to express their feeling .
    try to use it as much as you can like your own language. so, if you are not in china, to make some chinese friends who around you would also be good.
    hope it's help :)
    In my opinion, the best way is to live in China~~

    I think you should learn pinyin frist when you want to study chinese.For foreigners the tone is the most diffluct thing.So I suggest u learn tone frist.This is the basic in learning chinese.

    watch tv and listen to music
    learning chinese you must study alphabet(pingyin),my major is chinese.

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